Reddish Vale Nursery School

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Starting Nursery

We hope that both you and your child are looking forward to coming to our Nursery.
We believe that the process of transition to nursery begins before your child actually starts.

We start the transition process with an information evening which is just for parents. This will provide you with general information about Nursery and with a chance to meet your key worker. We then offer you the opportunity to have a home visit, where your key worker will come and visit you and your child at home. Your child’s family group leader will invite you to discuss your child’s background – medical history, fears, likes and dislikes etc.

When your child starts Nursery, due to the high numbers of children starting at nursery we generally ‘stagger’ the actual starting dates for the children.
This process, which we call ‘baseline profiling’ is intended to help us settle your child into the nursery as quickly and happily as possible.


Click here to read further information in our   Settling in Booklet

We trust that you are confident that you have made the right choice of nursery placement. Try to pass on this confidence to your child by being relaxed and at ease. Some children settle in quite easily, but others may be more shy and clinging, both reactions are equally natural.

Please feel free to ask the staff any questions or queries you may have. If they cannot answer them they will pass you on to the relevant person that can.

Some of our more frequently asked questions are below:


Frequently Asked Questions

The staff work to create a warm emotional climate where children are treated as individuals.

  • We start this process by placing a high priority on routines which allow time to share ideas, thoughts and feelings with children.

  • We have a full behaviour policy which outlines our approach.

  • We positively reinforce the behaviour we expect and relationships are based on mutual respect. The staff create a calm and purposeful atmosphere and use quiet voices to reinforce this.
  • We do not accept any behaviour which is harmful or upsetting to others.

  • If a child acts in an unacceptable manner the staff will discuss the behaviour with them and if necessary remove them from the situation, so they understand there is a consequence for their actions.

  • We want to equip the children with the skills to cooperate and negotiate with others.

  • We discuss what has happened so the incident will not reoccur. You know and understand your child better than anyone, and we are keen to share strategies which work for you at home and discuss the approaches we use at nursery so we are supporting your child in a consistent way.

  • We work closely with you to provide the best opportunities and experiences for your child.

  • Please let us know if your child is ill on their first day of illness by 9.30am in the morning.

  • We obviously want to minimize the spread of infection and the time which all of the children have off nursery.

  • If your child is taking antibiotics, we ask for them to have been taking them for 48 hours and appear well before they return to nursery.

  • The children have snack time with their key worker group during the nursery session where we offer a selection of fruit or vegetables and milk or water to drink.

  • The children also have access to a water cooler throughout the day which we encourage them to use independently.

  • Please let us know about any food allergies your child may have.

  • The children bring in a healthy lunchbox which they sit and eat with their key worker group (please see our healthy lunchbox guidelines)