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Governing board


Our Governing Board works hard to ensure that children receive the best possible education and care.  The Governing Board also helps with planning for the future. The governing board meetings each term to discuss the Curriculum, Finance and Health and Safety matters. The Governing Board consists of the co-headteachers, representatives from the Staff Team, parents, members of the community and Local Authority. Your views are vitally important in helping to shape and develop the Nursery. We have parent representatives join the board. The normal term of office is four years. Parents of children attending the Nursery are eligible to stand for election to the Governing Board and to vote in these elections.


Meet the Governors


Alison Mitchell - Chair of Governors 

I was a Reception teacher in Stockport until 6 years ago. Early years provision has always been a passion of mine. I value the importance of laying the foundation for children as they start their educational journey. There is just something so special about an early years setting.

I am a governor because I want to support Reddish Vale nursery and to use my experiences to help benefit all the children. I enjoy visiting the nursery and being kept up to date with the day to day running of the Nursery.

Leah Hadfield - Co-Headteacher

As co-headteacher at Reddish Vale Nursery School, I attend the Resources meetings and Full Governing Board meetings. Katie and I work closely with the governing board to drive improvement for the school, particularly focussing on areas on the School Development Plan. On the Resources committee, my role includes informing the governors of the budget of the school alongside our Business Manager, Elaine Griffiths. I also discuss and monitor facilities and Health and Safety along with implementing a variety of policies.

I am passionate on ensuring every child has an exciting and memorable start to their school journey. It always makes me smile seeing the children skip into Nursery every morning, excited for what the day will bring! 

Katie Bennett - Co-Headteacher

I am co-headteacher of Reddish Vale Nursery and in my role I work with the chair to set the agenda for meetings. I prepare documentation so I can keep Governors up to date about developments within the Nursery. 
I provide reports for Governors around a range of areas including finance, facilities, health and safety, learning and development and policies. 

Claire Looms - Staff Governor / SENDCO

I am the Nursery Teacher and SENDCO at Reddish Vale Nursery. I attend the Teaching and Learning Committee where I support the discussions regarding learning and assessment. I also attend the full governing board meetings.


Elaine Griffiths - Business Manager

I am the Business Manager here at Reddish Vale and I attend the Resources and Full Governing meetings. I closely monitor the finance aspect of the Nursery, which is shared with the headteacher and then governors throughout the year. 

Janet Mobbs

I retired from teaching in 2017 and was elected as a councillor for Reddish South in 2019.  Education is important to me, and I believe that high-quality early years provision is an excellent foundation for children starting their education.  I am a governor because I want to use my experience to benefit children by ensuring the Reddish Vale Nursery continues to provide them with opportunities to thrive.  I am the Safeguarding governor because I believe that children must feel happy, safe and secure in order to make best use of the learning opportunities offered to them.

 Helen Rowe - Parent Governor

I decided to be a parent governor as I think it is a great opportunity to have a say and make a change in Nursery. I think it is good to have a parent perspective who have children that have/are attending Reddish Vale Nursery.

I currently work in the banking industry and have done for many years. It is something I enjoy and works for me and my family. My son currently attends the Nursery and my eldest son went here a few years ago. Both boys love it and have thrived.

Further information about the membership, role and remit of the Governing Board can be found by visiting our Nursery,  in the Nursery Reception Area or by clicking here.

Committee details can be found by clicking here.

Attendance at Governing board meetings for is detailed by clicking the following links:

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Governor Training Records


The Nursery has a policy of Open Government. Details of this policy and other policies and procedures can be made available for you. Please ask for further details


Should you have any concerns or complaints about services delivered at the Nursery, you are advised that there is an official complaints procedure. In the first instance, complaints should be addressed to the Headteacher. Depending on the nature of the complaint you will be advised of the appropriate channels for further action. Further details are available  in our Complaints Procedure that can be found in the POLICIES page of this website.


Register of Declared Interests of Governors, including Governor Details and Register of interests 

(The Governing Body was reconstituted on 17.06.15 to meet the requirements under the 2012 regulations.)

FGB: Full governing body   R: Resources / Finance sub-committee   T&L: Teaching and Learning sub committee