Working Together

Parents as Partners.

We aim to build on the experiences that you as parents provide for your children.working together

Working together we can help children to form a firm foundation and a positive attitude for school and later life.

Special/Additional Needs.

All children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum matched to their needs, abilities and aptitudes.

If your child has additional or special needs or is disabled we will work together with you and other relevant agencies in order to meet your child’s needs.

A child has a special need if he/she has a learning difficulty that calls for special educational provision to be made for him/her.

A child has a learning difficulty if he/she:

  • Has significantly greater learning difficulties in learning than the majority of other children his/her age
  • Has a disability, which either prevents or hinders him/her from making use of educational facilities

In order to provide the best support we can for your child it is important that you let us know all about your child.

More detail about our approach to disability, special educational needs, inclusion and access can be found in our policies.

Equal Opportunities.

We believe that each and every child and adult is entitled to the widest possible opportunities in a high quality education environment. We strive to implement these aspirations across the whole Nursery.

A copy of our Equal Opportunities Policy including Racial Equality is available for parents to read in full on our POLICIES page of this website.  A paper copy is also available on request, by phoning 0161 – 480 – 6713.

Medical Needs.

If your child has any medical needs it is important that you keep us informed of how we can support your child within the nursery environment and update information as required. This may require the completion of an individual health plan.


Our Medical Conditions in Schools Policy is available to read on the POLICIES page of this website.

Family Support.

We recognise that individual family circumstances and outside influences can make family life very stressful. We recognise and acknowledge this and hope that by treating everybody as individuals with their own needs, we can help families through these difficult times.

We work with a range of other agencies and organisations e.g. Stockport Parenting Team, local Children’s Centres and Health Practitioners. Please ask if you require any information or advice about support services that may be available.

Moving On.

We are committed to ensuring that all of the transitions children encounter should be as happy as possible. We work closely with all the schools our children move to for their reception classes. Through the year the staff visit us to get to know the children and share ideas about the curriculum. We also visit them to support the transition process.

Please let us know as soon as possible which school your child will attend when they leave us, and we can ensure staff are fully informed about their achievements and interests. You will need to apply for your child’s Reception place by January in the year which they will start.

We recommend you visit chosen schools (during the day if possible) to decide if the school is what you want for your child.