Values and Ethos

At Reddish Vale Nursery School:

As a team, we provide high quality provision, respecting and supporting young children and their families.

We listen to individual need to offer a flexible approach in a stimulating, caring and safe environment.

We promote children’s education and development, enabling individuals to attain and exceed their full potential.

Children are encouraged to make warm, stable relationships with other children and adults. By showing kindness and care, learning to take turns and share, they will develop the ability to work co-operatively and also acquire a good sense of self-awareness and self-confidence.

Key Person

At Reddish Vale Nursery School all children are part of a group and have a key person.

This person is the special member of staff who welcomes you to nursery and gets to know you and your child.

Please always bring your child to the key person at the start of their session to be welcomed into the key worker group.

Children and their families are all very different. Your key person is your first point of contact to share and celebrate successes and also discuss any concerns or ask any questions about your child and their development, or to share any changes you think we should know about.

We promote positive behaviour, details of how we do this are outlined in our Positive Behaviour and Anti-bullying Policy, that can be viewed in our POLICIES page on this website.

We aim to help your child to realise that they are part of a family group, a local community and also a wider multi-cultural society.