Home learning

Home Learning

We know lots of you are having to stay at home at the moment, so to help you continue your learning we will be uploading a weekly home learning idea sheet, which will cover all areas of the early years curriculum. We would love to see anything you make or do at home, so please send them in!

29th March 2021

This week we have some very special friends in our nursery – caterpillars! We have watched them grow and they are now in cocoons in their net. This week’s home learning is all about caterpillars. We would love to see anything you do or make at home, so please bring them in! 

Home Learning – Caterpillars 

17th March 2021

This week our home learning is all about one of our favourite nursery rhymes – Twinkle  Twinkle! Please send in any pictures or bring in anything you make to share with all your friends at school. 

Home Learning – Twinkle Twinkle


10th March 2021

This week our home learning is all about one of our favourite nursery rhymes – 5 Little Speckled Frogs! Please send in any pictures or bring in anything you make to share with all your friends at school. 

Home Learning – 5 Little Speckled Frogs


3rd March 2021

This week our home learning is all about one of our favourite nursery rhymes – The Wheels on the Bus! Please send in any pictures or bring in anything you make to share with all your friends at school. 

Home Learning – The Wheels on the Bus


24th February 2021

This week our home learning is all about dinosaurs! We would love to see anything you make or do at home!

Home Learning Dinosaurs


10th February 2021

This week we are focusing on how to use the internet safely. As children are now accessing the internet more freely it is important we teach them to use this safely and what to do if they come across something that is not appropriate for their age. At home can you share this PowerPoint all about Smartie the Penguin and talk about how we can be safe online just like him?

Your challenge this week is to have a go at creating your own picture about how to be safe on the internet, we would love to share these and post them on our nursery blog, so please send any in! 



8th February 2021

Please find last weeks home learning all about healthy minds! 

Home Learning Children’s Mental Health Week


29th January 2021

Due to a positive COVID 19 case within the school community the Nursery is currently closed.  Please email headteacher@reddishvalenursery.stockport.sch.uk if you require any further information or support. We will keep parents updated by text message and through the web site. Thank you for your support. 

Please find this weeks home learning, as always we would love to see anything you do or make at home so please send it in!

Home Learning Owl Babies


20th January 2021

This week our home learning theme is colours! Have a go at the activities on the ideas sheet, bring anything in to show us – we would love to see your work! 

Home Learning Colours


13th January 2021

This week our home learning is all about one of our favourite books Stickman. We would love to see anything you make or do at home, so please share these with us!

Home Learning – Stickman


18th December 2020

As you know Reddish Vale Nursery is closed for pupils from 3pm today until Friday 8th of January. We have provided all children with a pot of play dough and a letter explaining all the different activities  you can do with it for distance learning on Monday and Tuesday of next week. As well as this we are also providing 2 home learning sheets based on Christmas and New Year! These can be found here…


Home Learning – Christmas

Home Learning – New Year

As always we LOVE seeing all the beautiful work you do at home so please bring these in for us to share after Christmas or send pictures to headteacher@reddishvalenursery.stockport.sch.uk 

Stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas, 

Reddish Vale Nursery School 🙂 

4th December 2020

This week our home learning is all about the weather! This afternoon at nursery we have had our first snowfall, so we wrapped ourselves up nice and warm to go outside and play. Can you have a go at any of these home learning activities this week? We would love to see anything that you do or make!

Home Learning Weather


25th November 2020

This week our home learning is all about Winter. There are lots of different activities you can do at home which help to develop skills in each of the areas of learning. We would love to see any of the work you do at home so please send it in!

Home Learning Winter


18th November 2020The Three Little Pigs - Oak house School

This week our home learning theme is the traditional tale The Three Little Pigs. This story is one we read in nursery so your child should be familiar with it. Click on the link below to see this week’s home learning!

Home Learning Three Little Pigs


11th November 2020

Image result for diwali

This weekend marks the start of the Hindu and Sikh festival Diwali. This week our home learning is all about this special time for millions of people all over the world. Click on the link below to see this week’s exciting learning!

Home Learning Diwali

4th November 2020

See the source image

This week our theme is Bonfire Night! Click on the link below to see this week’s home learning ideas!

Home Learning bonfire night 


Friday 24th July 2020

Summer fun in Stockport

As it is the last day of term we thought we would share with you some of the fun things Stockport has to offer over the summer holidays! We have missed seeing you all so much over the last few months and hope you all have a brilliant summer! For those children who are moving up to school good luck and enjoy your new Reception class. If you are coming back to us in September we look forward to seeing you again!  

Love from all your friends at Reddish Vale Nursery School 


Tuesday 21st July 2020

Today we have found you some fun phonics activities you can try at home with your child. Phonics is the way children are taught to read and write, this can be done in lots of creative ways at home or at school! 

Try encouraging your child to recognise the initial letter in their name or making simple words with sounds they may know. We would love to see anything you do at home! 


Thursday 16th July 2020

Number skills and being able to recognise and count are really important. You can you this anywhere, and use anything; on the bus, in the supermarket, going for a walk. There are also lots of great websites that help children to develop these skills. We have found our favourite for you below.







Wednesday 15th July 2020

As lots of children in our nursery start to think about getting ready to go to their new schools we have been thinking of ways to help develop writing and fine motor skills ready for reception. Below are some simple ideas around how you can develop these skills at home. 

Threading, tweezers and using your fingers to make marks are all excellent ways to develop a pencil grip and make you a writer. We would love to see anything you do at home!


Tuesday 7th July 2020

This week the staff at nursery have been finding you some activities you can do using things you find in the garden. If like me you don’t have a garden, you can find some of these things when you go out for a walk.

This first idea is a scavenger hunt you can do. Try to find as many different plants as you can. Talk about the colours and smells, this is a great way to extend you child’s vocabulary and word choice.

Our second idea this week is using leaves to draw around. Talk about the shapes and sizes of the leaves, if they have curved or straight sides, the different colours and the trees they have come from.

Thursday 2nd July 2020

One of our favourite stories at nursery is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. It is an fun, interactive story which really gets the children’s imaginations going! Below is a YouTube link where you can watch Micheal Rosen perform the story himself.


There are lots of different ways you can use this story at home as a starting point for different activities. We have put up some ideas you could try at home! We would love to see anything you make or do at home! 



Tuesday 30th June 2020

There are lots of different ways you can encourage your child to recognise numbers through play. This can be done outside, inside or on the move. We have found this week some examples of different ideas to support your child to recognise numbers have a go!




Friday 26th June 2020

This week we have found some lovely ways you can use things you find outside to make and create with! See if you can make your own magical flower wand at home using different plants and flowers you find with your grown ups in the garden. Talk to your child about the colours, shapes and smells to encourage different types of language. We would love to see anything you make at home so please send in any pictures!


Wednesday 24th June 2020

This week why not try and make an environment print scrap book using labels and signs that your child can recognise. This is an important stage of early reading and helps to encourage children to start to recognise print around them. Send us any photos of scrapbooks you make at home we would love to see them! 



Friday 19th June 2020

Try these simple number and pattern activities at home. Counting and understanding how to group amounts together is really important in developing children’s mathematical and problem solving brains. You can count anything, anywhere!

See how many different places you can count things around your house and garden! 



Wednesday 17th June 2020

Lots of the children have a keen interest in space, so this week we thought we would find some space themed activities for you to try at home! We would love to see anything you make.


Friday 12th June 2020

Do you know how important scissor skills are for young children? They help to develop fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination. Children need these skills to help them to write, draw and learn. We have got a collection of ideas together to help you support your child at home to develop this! We would love to see any of your attempts! 





Wednesday 10th June 2020

This week we have been finding lots of great number activities you can do at home and websites you visit. 

Can you try any of these at home? 

There are lots of great websites you can visit check these out!





Here are some photos from Olivia and Charleigh-Anne showing us some of the things they have been doing at home! 


Please click here to read more detailed guidance on how we plan to reopen on 10th June.

Please click here to see our plans for reopening the Nursery

On this page are ideas for learning you can do at home with your child. As you know almost all of your child’s learning is done through play at nursery and we encourage lots of play to be had at home!

We will be updating this page regularly whilst nursery is closed so please keep checking in for new ideas. New links will appear at the top of the page.

Here are some photos from Eden and Daisy who have shared what they have been doing!

Thursday 14th May 2020

If like me you have empty boxes, bottles and other recycling lying around the house today we are thinking about exciting ways you can use these with your child.

  1. A gingerbread house – you could decorate it with sweets and lollipops!
  2. A camper van
  3. A Lego town
  4. Guitars – you could even use this tonight when we clap and cheer for the NHS and key workers!
  5. A castle
  6. A ring toss game – a great way to encourage children to recognise numbers
  7. A rocket – there are lots of brilliant books which would link to this for some amazing storytelling!
  8. An oven – you could even make your own food using play doh or salt dough
  9. A postbox – this would really encourage mark making
  10. A dolls house

We would love to see anything you decide to make at home. Please send them in!

Here are some pictures Grace has drawn of her Key Worker

And Alexa Mae had a go at the Nature faces activity and sent us her work

Tuesday 12th May 2020

This week we have been finding different activities you can do using things you find outside. These will help to develop your child’s imagination, fine motor skills and language. We would love to see anything you make at home!

Making nature faces! Can you make your own face at home by using things you collect outside and a mirror to see your own features?


Making leaf rubbings using different shaped leaves and different sizes! Can you name any of the trees you collect the leaves from?

Making your own stick man using different twigs and sticks you find outside! We have read this story in nursery and it is one of our favourites.


Thank you Reggie for sending in these fantastic pictures and giving me permission to share them!

Thursday 7th May 

                         This bank holiday weekend why don’t you try some of these amazing science experiments at home?          

We would love to see what you make at home! These experiences give great opportunities to develop vocabulary with your child and learn the meaning to new words, as well as having lots of fun! 



Wednesday 6th May

Today we have some challenges for you to try! See if you can complete any of these at home they help with lots of basic shape, rhyme, vocabulary and number skills. 




Tuesday 5th May

Here are some photos I have been given permission to share from Daisy!

Thursday 30th April

Here are a selection of ideas you could try this week. We try and find interesting ways for children to learn their number, letters and shapes in Nursery so this is a good use of chalks! If your children just want to do their own drawing that’s great learning too!

Tuesday 28th April

Here are some photos that Rosie has shared for our website. She has been very busy and made a rainbow path and a flower fairy!

We’ve got a couple of experiments for you to try this week!

Leaf bowls

Take your child out into the garden or park (stay distanced!) and collect some leaves and flowers. Back home, take two plastic bowls and wrap the outside of one in clingfilm. 

Layer the leaves over the clingfilm so its well covered using glue to hold them in place. Clingfilm over the leaves and put the other bowl on top, then squeeze them together. After a few days you’ll be left with a beautiful leaf bowl!

Ice building

Ice cubes make brilliant building blocks. Pour different coloured juices into an ice cube tray, and add flowers or herbs to each. Let them experiment with building different structures

Volcano experiment

Try adding vinegar to bicarbonate of soda to vinegar to create a volcano!

Thursday 23rd April

Whilst the weather is nice I am sending some ideas for activities you can do outdoors. 

Remember that if your child is wearing a coat or jumper they need to have a go at putting it on themselves! You might also want to get them involved in some household jobs – like washing their socks and matching up the pairs.



At Nursery we quite often make bird feeders out of cheerios – threading the cheerios onto string really helps develop fine motor skills which means children can get better at writing. There are also lots of activities children can do with plants and flowers, and taking clippings with scissors (under adult supervision) also really helps fine motor skills.

You might want to hide some painted stones around your garden (Mrs Noble’s children love this activity!) or make some music using pots and pans (better outside if your neighbours don’t mind!)

Tuesday 21st April

We have included some rainbow themed activities this week so that we can all show our support for Key Workers.

How about making a rainbow using only primary colours, and then experiment with mixing colours together? Or let your children be fascinated by the science of colour mixing when you pour water onto skittles? You could even use chalks to turn your front wall into a rainbow!

Why not make some shakers out of old plastic bottles – clapping for our carers is hard work for little hands!

And after all that hard work – why not use your left over easter eggs to make crispy cakes? Talk about how the chocolate melts, and then goes hard when it gets cold – a wonderful scientific experiment that you can eat!

Thursday 16th April

We thought it might be useful to have some links to any support services that we have received. Please do not hesitate to text/ email or call us if you think we can be of any help.

This is a really good resource to explain the situation to young children:


The Stockport Educational Psychology service has produced a leaflet on talking to children about the current situation which can be found here

They have also provided some useful links below:


Call 116 123


Mind UK



UK Mental Health Charity with information and an online mutual support community

For more information, including links to resources for mental health and wellbeing, visit Stockport’s Local Offer:  www.stockport.fsd.org.uk

Tuesday 14th April 

We hope you all had a healthy and safe bank holiday. Here are some really useful links to phonics ideas and games that will help your children listen to sounds and distinguish between them. 






There are lots more of these games online, just type into Google Phase 1 phonics! 

Here are some pictures that have been sent in from Lilly and Maisie (and I have been given permission to share with you) who have been painting rainbows.


Thursday 9th April 

As it’s the bank holiday weekend we thought we would share with you some of the work the children have been doing in nursery. We have been decorating our fence outside to show how much we support all those people who work so hard to keep us safe! Please keep safe this Easter weekend by following all guidelines and staying at home. 


This Easter weekend why not try and make one of these amazing Easter door decorations. We would love to see anything you make at home!



We have found these fun scavenger  hunts for you to try. You could do these at home, in your garden or if you go for a walk over the weekend! Send us any pictures of things you find! 

Tuesday 7th April 

As we are leading up to Easter weekend we thought we would find some lovely Easter themed activities you can do at home or in your garden. 

Here are two ideas which help to development movement and co-ordination skills!


If you don’t have a garden here are some really good creative activities you can do at home. 


We would love to see anything you make or do at home so please ask your grown up to take lots of pictures!

Next week we will be putting some letters up from the staff at nursery keep a look out for these! 

Here are some pictures that have been sent in from Jacob (and I have been given permission to share with you), who went on a (socially distanced) place hunt in Reddish.


Thursday 2nd April

Junk modelling is a really great way to develop imaginative skills. Using empty bottles and boxes to create new and exciting things is something the children enjoy doing at nursery and you can do at home! Use these to make up stories to get your children talking and developing new vocabulary.



Tuesday 31st March

Using resources you have at home can really help children to learn. Here are some easy ways you could do this! We can’t wait to hear all about the fun you have had with your families soon! All these ideas promote key skills such as talk, imagination and fine and gross motor co-ordination. 


Thank you to Henry who shared this picture showing us a great way to use his Nursery Tshirts!

Friday 27th March

Dough disco is a really good way to get children’s fingers strong, ready for when they start writing. Here is a link to Shonette Bason doing dough disco on You Tube (click here). Below is a recipe for playdough and some alternative ways to make paint. Enjoy!



Image result for bonfire ghtWednesday 25th March

Joe Wicks is doing a daily PE session for children. Click here to watch it on You Tube (but remember to supervise your children on You Tube!)

Whilst the weather is nice click here for some ideas of activities you can try in your home or garden. There are activities like going on a minibeast hunt, or using those empty loo rolls to make bird feeders.

You might want to make a ‘fat cake’ for the birds (click here to see how) or a bug hotel (click here).

The most important thing, though, is staying safe and spending time as a family.

Monday 23rd March

As you know we created some paper packs for parents to take home. Included in the pack were the following activities (please click on each):

Bird spotting

Decorating an Easter Egg

Lolly stick shapes

Minibeast spotting

Roadside sounds

The shape detective

Guidance on supporting your child’s learning and development in the early years foundation stage can he found here:


These websites are full of useful ideas and activities that you can do with your child at home: