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24th February 2021

Stockport Behaviour Support Service have shared some brilliant resources for families to use at home. These resources are focused around supporting children’s emotional well being and behaviour. Follow the link below to access these.


18th December – Christmas comes to Reddish Vale Nursery!

We know at the moment you can’t come inside nursery – so here is a sneak peek into how our nursery looks this Christmas!



17th December  2020

Over the last few weeks we have been able to take all of the children from the main nursery to Nature School! The children have loved exploring the woods and hiding in the trees! They all finished off their trip to Nature School with a game of hide and seek and a hot chocolate, what a perfect end to this busy term!


20th November 2020

Over the last few weeks at nursery we have been doing so many exciting things and celebrating different special times – like the Hindu and Sikh festival Diwali and Children in Need day. The children have been developing lots of new skills and knowledge everyday, have a look at our pictures to see what we have been up to! 





In the 2 year old nursery the children have been exploring sensory toys and lights, they have loved the experience- especially going into the tent and watching the lights all around them!





24th October 2020

We hope all of our friends and families at nursery have a safe and happy half term break!

There is support available within the local community for any families who need any extra support over the  half term break, with many local business providing food for children who would be normally be accessing free school meals.



2nd October 2020

The last few weeks we have been busy settling all of our friends into nursery and we are so happy to see you all! This week we have been exploring the outdoors. The children have had a great time climbing trees, hunting for shapes and numbers, riding bikes and playing with water! Have a look at what we have been up to! 





11th September 2020

Welcome to all of our old and new friends. We are so excited to have you all back at nursery we have missed you so much. We thought you might like to see what we have been doing this week as we have all been settling into our new groups and routines! Can’t wait to see what next week brings! 










For all those children who are starting with us in September or returning, we cant wait to meet you all! Here is a video of our nursery and all of the staff here at Reddish Vale Nursery School, have a lovely summer and we will see you soon!



We are missing you all so much at nursery. Lots of the teachers have written letters to you to tell you what they have been doing at home. See if you can find your teacher’s letter! We would love to see any you write back so please send them in if you do! 

Letter from Claire  

Letter from Emma 

Letter from Hayley 

Letter from Mrs Noble and Karen 

Letter from Heather 

Letter from Mrs Fallows, Mrs Legg and Jean 

Letter from Berni

Letter from Miss Robinson 

Letter from Mrs Kidd

Letter from Mrs Moore

Letter from Mrs Gill

Letter from Rachel 


We now have wriggly worms at nursery!


The family fun events are going very well so far – lots of fun is being had by adults and children alike! Thank you for all of your sponsorship money and for making time to come to these events. They are continuing throughout the week.


We hope that you have a lovely half-term break and will see you all in two weeks!


Elmer Day is in full swing today! We are celebrating everything that makes us different, while also enjoying the Elmer story as it is 30-years-old today!


The April edition of our monthly newsletter is available to read here.



Welcome back to the final term of this academic year! I hope that you had a lovely Easter break.




Well today we have taken our chicks to Reddish Vale Farm! We hope that they have a lovely life there and grow into big chickens! Be sure to ask if you can see them if you ever visit the farm.  Have a lovely Easter and see you in just over two weeks! 


The chicks have visited the 2-year-olds today! Thank you for looking after them!


Miss Robinson…what have you been feeding the chicks! They have returned today with feathers on their wings! They are growing so quickly!



The chicks are going home with Miss Robinson for the weekend! Thank you for volunteering to be Mother Hen, Miss Robinson!


Well…we’ve moved the chicks in to their new home for the next week!



The two-year-old children have made bread and butter after reading The Little Red Hen! It was delicious…thank you!


Aaaaaand…we have a full house!


We came into nursery this morning to find two chicks! We were also lucky enough to see a third chick hatch during the day. He had a little help from his friends! The hatched chicks are getting used to their environment, chirping and having a well-earned rest. We will keep you updated with more eggsciting news.


Well…we have small cracks in two of the eggs, and a little bit of movement! It’s all so eggsciting! 


We have had a special delivery today…shhh we need to be quiet and listen to see if we can hear any noises…


The March edition of the Reddish Vale newsletter is now available to view online by clicking here.


EGGSCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Please see the poster for more information about some special visitors we are eggspecting soon: eggs poster


This week the children have really enjoyed Pancake Day and choose their own toppings to spread onto the pancakes. What tasty fun! Today the children have the opportunity to experiment by making delicious flapjacks!


We finish for half-term on Thursday! I hope that you all have a lovely half-term break – I know that we all will. Find the February edition of the newsletter here.


Happy Chinese New Year! Today we celebrated in nursery with lots of different activities including making a dragon, listening to Chinese music, tasting noodles, making lanterns and much more! Here are some pictures of the day.



Today was a snow day. We hope that everybody stayed safe and had the opportunity to play in the snow and enjoy the white scenery.


Well today we have had snow…then it stopped and was just wet. Then it snowed again. Then as some children said, it ‘disappeared’ and was ‘still in the clouds.’ Then it started again. And stopped. And started. And stopped!


You can read our January edition of the school newsletter here.


Welcome back to Reddish Vale and belated Happy New Year! Welcome back to all our returning children and families; and a huge welcome to all of the new children, families, and other members of our school community. I am sorry that I haven’t updated the blog since before the holiday – I have had some IT trouble! Our two-year-old provision continues to be a success. Here are some pictures – as you can see, the outdoor area continues to develop and we are very proud of the results so far!


Well, our Christmas parties are in full swing! The children are having an absolute ball, dancing and playing party games with a very fun DJ! They are also having a snack…and we even had a very special visitor to see us! What a fab day so far. Thanks to all the staff for their hard work in making this party happen – including our DJ and, of course, special visitor!



Hot off the Christmas press! Please find the December newsletter here. The Christmas sing-along shows are well under way and they are fabulous! They will be continuing until Monday. I am getting quite festive now! Thanks to all of the children, parents, carers and staff.


Christmas is certainly nearing! The children are enjoying the many Christmas activities and learning the Christmas songs for the sing-along shows. Our environment grows evermore ‘Christmassy’ by the day! The displays are looking fabulously festive, adorned with the children’s work. One day this week has been  particularly frosty and we were lucky enough to have some bubbles freeze on the shed roof!



Christmas has hit Reddish Vale! We are all getting into the Christmas spirit and our environment is looking more festive with each day. Here are a few snapshots of some of the activities and decorations. As you can see, the boards are a work-in-progress. Keep your eyes peeled here and also when you visit us to see the wonderful creations, pictures and children’s work which we will adorn the displays with,


Look who paid us another visit today! We had lots of fun spraying the hose and some children even dressed up in the fire-fighter uniform!



As promised, some pictures of the fire brigade visit this week. You can see that a great time was had by all. One fire-fighter decided to try and spray everyone with the hose, cheeky! We are looking forward to the next visit and will be talking about fire-fighters, and how they can help us, in the lead up to the visit. 


Hot off the press! Have a read of our November newsletter, available here.

16.11.18 mmm, what’s that smell?

There was a delicious smell wafting through the nursery today! I knew that I had heard the word ‘pizza’ through the office walls…and ta da! That was exactly what I heard. This week’s baking groups have involved making special little pizzas! Wow…to say I was a bit jealous was an understatement. I even asked Hayley if there were any left over…hem hem!

Tasty toppings!

Waiting patiently for the pizzas to cook!

Tasty treats…thanks Hayley!



We’ve been having a wonderful few weeks back in nursery school. The children have really enjoyed learning about Diwali through colourful, Diwali-inspired activities and continuous provision. Here are some photographs to give you a taste of some of the activities.



Baking groups have started! These are small groups (of no more than 6 children) led by Hayley. They take place throughout the week and allow the children to develop new skills and further improve self-confidence. The children have really loved taking part and will continue to do so!


We have collated all the responses to our family and parental questionnaire sent out in the previous term. This is available in the parent section on the website, or by clicking here.


Happy October everybody – here is the latest newsletter. 


Today we had a lovely visit from a dental nurse who works for the Dental Team in Stockport. The children had so much fun and learnt lots! We will be having another visit on Monday 15th.


A huge thank you to the staff, parents and friends who volunteered to help paint our outdoor area last night. The event was a huge success – many hands make light work! The area looks so much better now! Thanks again everyone.



Autumn is most definitely here at Reddish Vale. The children have enjoyed collecting the different colours of leaves and talking about why they are different. Today there are some lovely autumnal activities that the children have been enjoying – see pictures below. The children have also been helping to sweep the dirt from the wooden posts before the painting event on Thursday 11th which some parents have kindly volunteered for. I will make sure I get some pictures of our painting in action!


I thought I would treat you to a couple of pictures of our outdoor woodwork. Here is our very skilled HLTA, who leads on outdoor provision, engaging children in woodwork skills. The children absolutely love the opportunity to don a pair of safety goggles and have a go at the woodwork. This activity enables development across all areas of learning, from communication and language, to physical, to mathematics, to expressive arts and design. Children learn how to be safe during such activities and manage their own risks. 


The September issue of the monthly newsletter is now available. You can view this here.


We have created two ‘wordles’ which encompass our values and ethos here at Reddish Vale Nursery School. You will see these images on the website and also across the school.


We would like to say ‘welcome back’ to all of our wonderful children who are returning next week after the summer holidays (week commencing 10th September). We are also excited for our new children to begin their induction the following week (week commencing 17th September) including welcoming, for the very first time, our new two-year-old intake! 

27.07.18 – School’s out for summer!

Well here we are at the last day of the year! I know that I speak on behalf of all the team here at Reddish Vale Nursery when I say a big well done and thank you to all of our wonderful children and families. Also a huge thank you for all the very generous and thoughtful gifts. Have a lovely summer holiday, and goodbye and good luck to our leavers in their new schools.


The children decided that I wasn’t feeling well…we were in the vets. So suddenly it changed from a vets to a hospital! I was the patient and was attended to by lots of very skilled doctors…though I have to confess, I feel like I came out much more bruised than I went in!!! Thanks for the photos Jean…hopefully I will be on the mend soon 🙂 


BeeBots –  or, rather, BlueBots – have taken over my office! They also appeared in nursery this week. What fun lots of children had playing with them, exploring how to make the robot move. Some children even decided to have a race after designing their own roads!


The children have enjoyed learning more about the farm after their visits. Look at these fabulous paintings of some of the animals we saw.



Hot off the press…our latest and final edition (for this academic year) of the monthly newsletter is available! Click here


Old Macdonald had a farm…E I E I O! And on that farm he had … Reddish Vale Nursery School children! The trips are well under way and the children are having a brilliant time! There are lots of animals at the farm and the children have had the opportunity to hold, stroke and feed them. The play area was also a treat and the children had lots of fun burning off all that energy in the heat. On behalf of all the staff at RVNS I would like to say well done to the children for being so sensible on the trips.




Another hot day – what a great day to visit Nature School and see our resident frogs. Lots of fun and learning was had, including looking at our shadows and becoming fascinated that we can make them wave! Here are some snapshots…Have a lovely weekend! 🙂 



Heatwave…(insert heatwave music here!) The weather has been so hot this week, perfect to enjoy the outdoors in the sun. Please remember to apply sun cream (I know that I always say this but it is so important to remember).

The lovely view from my office of some children enjoying the sun (and also the shade for Mrs Z!)…


Today we celebrated Eid with a variety of activities, including making Mendhi hand patterns, making bunting and making the flags from different countries outside. The children got the opportunity to taste different foods such as hummus, mint dip, poppadums and also nursery-grown carrots!


What a lovely week to go to nature school. I visited with Mrs Kidd and the children had a lovely time exploring, swinging, mixing and looking for frogs!


Happy Eid! Have a lovely weekend everybody. I am pleased to announce that for our fundraising event we raised a massive £2027.50! Thank you so much for all of your support.  


*Hot off the press!* Click here for the latest newsletter – happy reading!


Welcome back to nursery for the final half term of the school year! What a busy year this has been so far and how quickly the final half term has arrived! I hope that you had a lovely half term with plenty of rest, excitement and sunshine. I would like to kindly remind you to apply plenty of sun cream to your children before the start of nursery to protect their gentle skin.

I hope that you are enjoying the new blog, website and newsletters. The June edition of the newsletter will be given out soon – watch this space! Any feedback is much appreciated, so please feel free to come and have a chat with me. If a longer amount of time is required then I will be able to make an appointment to see you. This blog also has a feedback form at the bottom of the page – scroll to the bottom and fill it in to email me.

Nursery is a busy place during the final half term. We are currently preparing Records of Achievement for the children who will be leaving us and making sure that their learning journeys are all ready to be sent home. Key members of staff from local schools will be visiting to meet children in advance of September.

Next month we will be holding parent meetings with you to discuss your child and their progress. Please sign up for these appointments above your child’s coat peg. Appointment slots are allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Half term is here…that came fast! I hope that you all have a lovely and well-deserved half-term, full of sunshine, rest and excitement. Please remember to apply plenty of sun cream to the children over the holiday.

Nursery will re-open on Monday 11th June at 8.45am.

If your child attends end of week sessions, then the first day back will be Wednesday 13th June at 12.30pm.

See you all very soon for our final half-term of this academic year.


Our Elmer Day has proven to be a huge success. The children all came to nursery wearing colourful clothing and some were very creative, making their own patchwork t-shirts using paint!  The children enjoyed lots of colourful activities and listened to the Elmer story with genuine interest. We also received some donations to our fund – so thank you for your generosity. Huge thanks to all of the children, parents and staff for joining in with enthusiasm on this fabulous day!



What a fantastic week of family fun events we have had in the nursery. Thanks so much to all of the parents and carers who attended – all 110 of you! This was a very positive turnout and the week was a huge success. Children delighted in the opportunity of completing the activities with their grown ups, and it was lovely to see so much fun happening in a calm and relaxed environment. Total money raised is still to be confirmed, but I will let you know in the next edition of the newsletter. Thanks again!